The following accessories are available for the LakesideAstro Focuser:

Additional motor assembly

Use the LakesideAstro focuser on a second telescope by adding an additional motor assembly. This consists of a stepper motor, suitable bracket, shaft coupler and necessary fixing screws for use on a second telescope. Simply plug in the motor lead from the control unit, calibrate and you are ready to go.

External temperature sensor

Older units that were not supplied with an externally mounted temperature sensor can be upgraded to provide this feature. The older control unit is wired to use either the internal digital temperature sensor or an optional externally mounted sensor.To make full use of the temperature compensation features of the newer units a firmware upgrade is also required. Please ask for details.

Use of the internal or externally mounted sensor is selected by jumpers on the printed circuit board in the control unit.

Custom cables

If the cables supplied with the system are not long enough then we are able to provide custom length cables subject to maximum length restrictions. Please contact us for further details.

Custom brackets

We are also able to provide custom brackets and fixings as required. Please contact us for further details.